Save the Net Big Monopoly wants is outrageous extremely capitalist control back. If net neutrality is rolled back proponents of the roll back will slow down all services,social media, music, movie and TV streaming that is not owned by them. It could also lead to censorship! If a company doesn’t support a particular view,the could use NSA techniques of keyword search to block a political position or humanitarian position. “No Shaun, they would never misuse technology” you say. BULLSHIT!! Blogs like this could disappear. Your Facebook could be slowed to a crawl,if a provider created it’s own social network,and they would, anything to amass wealth. Let’s not forget AT&T has a standing deal with the government to turn over anything the government wants on a user. Neflix and HULU, Crackle any other streaming service could become very expensive,if net neutrality is not saved. Like online gaming? It would be expensive too!. Charter AT&T and their cohorts would charge streaming/gaming/social media companies so much that you would not have a choice but to use their service. Then it would be back to crappy choices like you had with old cable and satellite with gigantic prices. Show your support for net neutrality here


How Much Did Obama Know?

Source article. If you clicked the link you know the story. Let us discuss it further.

So Obama knew of election hacking but close to keep it in intelligence circles. He feared compromising the methods  of intelligence gathering and sources. He also considered relaying that information to the public as interference in the election process. That’s bullshit! Now I was a big fan of a fair amount of Obama’s White House, but the election had already been compromised by the DNC hacking. What people should consider, is that the DNC hacking was the equivalent of Watergate. It was a political party of some sort,in this case Republicans by Russian proxy, stealing political information or strategy from another party the Democrats. The DNC emails were released by Wikileaks on July 22, 2016. Trump called for hacking on Hillary Clinton 5 days later on July 27,2017 at a Florida press conference. I am of the opinion that the election was already fucked the minute the emails were released. So Obama did nothing to help the situation. In fact he made it worse. Obama allowed the election to be stolen. No we can’t put all the blame on him. Why? Well the President depends on a group of advisors military,intelligence,economics, and others. Now which advisors told him to keep this information to himself we can only speculate. The you go back to the Trump-Russia connections. Put these dots together and there is a secret shit storm brewing. I am suspicious of Trump’s call to hack Hillary’s email servers. I have yet to see anything that shows how far back Trump’s Russia ties go back. If it shows that it went back way before the before the DNC email debacle is it possible that Trump knew he had an inside edge. Could a Russian official or spy have told Trump that Russia a way to win. Trump has been called many things and yes has had financial problems,but he is not that stupid. The amount of bravado can only be shown by a person, Trump in this case, if they are aware of something that everybody else doesn’t know.Up until recently Trump had called the hack a hoax. Now that information has indicated that the Obama administration knew of the Russia election meddling , he has fully embraced that it is in fact true. Simply put he is using it as a political football to be critical of Obama’s White House. Trump’s a loser, big fat orange loser. His supporters will now doubt chew some tobacco, spit and agree with him instantly. Trump’s political supporters that are overwhelmingly white and rural, hear the headline and believe just a snippet that their racist uncle posts to social media. Dude I have seen it, I live around a bunch of his supporters. Sitting around with people talking, they will mention a Trump snippet they heard on Fox News or CNN, and I have to explain how and when it will hurt or help them. then they get angry because I made them look or feel stupid. Reactionary to the max. I know a man his spouse will lose her health care under the current health care reform bill, yet he believes it is all a lie and that Trump would not do that to decent hard working Americans. they all believe this prophet will save them from the gays, blacks and criminal immigrants. Lost sheep is what the Christians call it I think. The only reason anyone does anything for anybody in this world is because it will benefit them one way or another. That is my opinion at the moment.

American Health Care Act:Death Panel By Proxy?Or Tax Break for Greedy Capitalists? Both.

The text for the new health care was released by Republicans on Thursday stirring rowdy debate in the news media and on the “Hill”. The Republicans have been working in secret hoping to avoid a shit storm and bad press that plagued the House version. I read CNNs  article on winners and losers in the American public. First thing : No bill should ever be “worked” on away from the eyes of the American public. Now to the beef of the bill. It cuts benefits one way or another for people around the age 60 mark. I believe that the bill wrongly assumes that people around this mark are well established enough to cover the soaring cost of their health care. Apparently, those in Washington haven’t noticed wage stagnation and outsourcing. It creates death panel by proxy due to these folks not being able to pay for medication that keeps them alive. It gives tax breaks to insurers and drug makers assuming that money will be spent on making insurance cheaper instead of ending up in some CEO’s Cayman Islands bank account It also cuts deep into Medicaid ( insurance for most poverty level and out of work Americans and people with disabilities), it also slows or phases out Medicaid expansion. This also puts rural hospitals in jeopardy. Rural ( farm country and coal country, numb nuts) hospitals tend to be in areas where employment is low and economic depression is high. So tell me again how that is saving coal country. Hell the Republicans would be doing the Democrats job of ridding America of coal, you can’t dig it up if the people who work the mines are dead. It also gives tax breaks to the top 1%. Those making above $775.000 a year would receive a  $33,000 tax break. The very tip top earners would get a $200,000 dollar tax break. We are talking about people who have more money than even the worst drug addict drunk grandchild could spend in a lifetime. There is your tax reform Trump promised, he never did say exactly who would get it during the campaign. That is the other problem. It breaks a lot of campaign promises that Trump made. Politicians break promises all the time.Most at least try to hide it. Now some say the new administration’s “don’t give a fuck” attitude and politically incorrect mindset is what makes it so attractive. Well I’m all good with ditching the political correctness, that don’t give a fuck attitude is dangerous. It seems Trump only wants benefits of don’t give a fuck mentality and not the downsides, when the media is talking shit about him and making fun of him and his destruction of the respect and dignity of the Oval Office. You can’t have it one way and not the other. Even bad Presidents,except maybe,Nixon, have tried to keep the dignity. Come to think of it, even Nixon tried with a cover up. Here  I would  like to point out that I called Trump another Nixon way before the MSM caught on. So at least I was ahead of the curve one time! Remember politics happen in real time, not WOW time check back later or find me on the “Book. Update: the CBO has yet to look at the bill. Once that political apratchik looks at it,we will know the official numbers and other details of Trumpcare. So you may want to check back here or a few media sources mid week.

The Shed : Should the news media be held to higher standards.

This is a side piece. It really is just a rambling about news media’s infiltration of every level of society.

 The media has come along way from the newspaper of yesteryear. We now have news media conglomerates who hold powerful sway over public audiences. They have websites, television,radio and even good ole fashioned newspapers. Back in the day you had Walter Cronkite. A man that delivered the news in a straight forward manner with a monotone voice. I have yet to see Uncle Walt in a piece of footage where he shows the least bit of favor toward one political party or another. Fast forward the news has become a source of entertainment. CNN reports for the left and Fox News reports for the right. And it brings them high ratings for sure. Yet something is lost between the code,airwaves,and print. I am going to use CNN for my example because I am most familiar with that news organization. When ever CNN does a segment on political issues they have a standard formula. Anchor and two pundits representing the two sides,left and right. Anchor poses a question and pundit 1 begins to speak, then pundit 2 interrupts pundit 1. What you end up with is a shouting match. Niether pundit makes a compromise on any issues. You never really get any news info. This style of “reporting” has contributed to political polarization. What you get is a talking head giving you the “news” and then they lead people in to a debate. The anchor has given you the news in the opening segment. That is the piece you miss. Take the Russian Investigation,if it was given to you in a news format it would go like this : officials in Washington today are investigating the Trump Administration,which has been accused of conspiracy to rig the 2016 election a congressional panel has been assembled to hear evidence on the matter. That however is not what you get. Much like here you get an opinion. I never claimed to be a reporter. My writing skills sucks and sometimes I depend on readers to fact check and correct information. I give you my opinion.Should news media be held to a higher standard than bloggers? I will say it again, I get my info from CNN or Fox or various other sources. I then investigate, research the subject then form an opinion. Hopefully I can form an opinion that is unbiased,but sometimes my personal beliefs get in a post. Although, I do have a different opinion than some folk, I try my best to see it from their side and I also hope they do the same for me. No you can’t ride the fence, but you can at least choose when both parties should come to that fence and compromise. The news media who oddly enough who “report” on political polarization, further the process with their reporting format. This ensures high ratings. With websites they tend to you attention grabbing,yet misleading headlines. Sometimes you’ll read,”celeb dies in horrible accident” Then you click and find out it is somebody you have never heard of,or that hasn’t been a celebrity in years. This is what is referred to as “clickbait”. Clickbait the scourge of the web/internet. In closing remember which ever news organizations you choose to use they all have one goal : ratings, clicks, and subscriptions, and they will do anything to get them. You have to read or watch between the lines.

Late Breaking: Everybody Aware of Election Hacking Except Us.

Reports from Washington Post confirm that the 2016 election hacking was known to officials in DC under the Obama administration. This shows Obama’s failure to secure the election results. It happened in his last days of his administration before the election. Intelligence services captured from a source deep in Russia that Putin gave the orders directly, probably to state backed hackers. It would have fallen on Trumps shoulders to follow through with some kind of punishment to the Russian government. I pointed out in an earlier post today that players from both countries are seeking to return the United States and Russia to a “Cold War” status for the enormous profits to be made from war.This is clear evidence that the election was stolen from the American people. According to various news reports, Putin’s orders were to somehow tip the election in Trump’s favor. The question now becomes, Why did this election matter to Putin? Did Trump & Company have previous business deals with Russia and call in a favor with Putin? Did Putin do it  out of his own free will? Maybe to cause instability in the western hemisphere? To some how raise oil prices through western instability? Or is he just doing a little political dick swinging. Either way it puts us back on the track to some kind of Cold War. Most nations now consider nuclear weapons useless except as a deterrent. Cold War 2: Electric Boogaloo will no doubt start in cyber space. The last remaining questions are as follows : What will the USA do about it? and Who fired the “first shot”? Was it Russia’s election interference? Or did the US do something the public does not know about?

Analysis of Alexandria P4When are you gonna get to the Point….Shaun

In the previous 3 entries we have never gotten around to the actual shooting. I never said it was a short journey. I know you may understand the political climate. What you may not understand,is the fact that it is more than just surface issues that lead James Hodgkinson to commit what many see a a heinous act. Let us mount up..

So Obama’s reign is going well enough the ACA aka Obamacare gets passed! Insurance companies are now forced into actually paying for care instead of just collecting premiums. Trump has been elected as a Dictator. The Republican partys first mission is to undo Obamacare. According to the (R) party it puts undo stress and burden on working people. Really all it does is cut in to the huge profits of the insurance companies. It forces them to take care of people who need insurance the most…gasp… Sick people! Finally the working people are getting something back from a service they have been paying for. In all reality, most people don’t want to get sick,we avoid it at all cost. A lot of people get sick from exposure to work place hazards they endure making rich folk rich. I have a theory on why (R) are against abortions, problem is they don’t even know why, cause it ain’t God! Next thing that pops up in the media is the Russian election interference,and the Trump Russia connection. The cold war has slowly been heating back up, average people may not notice except for a few scant reports here and there. For those who,like me, research these things it’s been apparent for about 3 years now,maybe more according to your involvement in government. This is the part where you are going to be pissed off with me,the shortest part of the story, the Alexandria Incident. The shooter at the GOP ball practice who members of the media and political elite have painted as a nutcase was in fact….. A sane man,by my estimation. James Hodgkinson was not an Oswald or even a Jack Ruby. He was a man who took his frustration with the loss of power by the people over their government to far. All of the regular people of the USA are fed up with political grid lock. They are fed up with a cabinet full of billionaires running a nation of people who are barely hanging on by a thread,yes this includes the upper middle class. They are fed up with the ever increasingly wider gap between rich and poor. We are fed up. If the election was decided by the “real” people whom this great country belongs to we would be sitting under a Clinton White House not that would be much better. I noted earlier in this story how that there is a small difference between the two party system, and that all the political elite actually belong to what author Gore Videl dubbed as the”property party” Democrats will make certain concessions to the poor black,poor white and poor immigrants of this country. Whereas the Republicans will not. The Republicans theory on economic issues have largely been based on Reagan’s trickle down policy. Simply stated without all the ins or out is this : let the job creators keep their money and save on taxes,that money will eventually “trickle” down to the unwashed masses. Great theory! Except it is like those health cleanse things some folks sell. They sell it then you sell as a one of their agents so on and so fourth. It’s a pyramid scheme! Otherwise illegal in the legal system. Except the guys that made the law’s are at the top of the pyramid scheme making the law’s that stop or at least make it difficult for anyone else who attempts it. The Feds got rid of the mob,because uncle Sam didn’t want any competition on the “taking advantage of other people” business. The US legal system is basically setup to run extortion, racketeering, and protection schemes,if you are wealthy enough and have enough juice on the hill. Some of these rackets,are needed. Government Is NOT bad. It does provide some useful services. In the tax scheme though, it’s people who haven’t got a lot, taking care of people who haven’t got a lot. James Hodgkinson is pictured holding a sign at a protest saying “tax the rich”. This is just one source of his frustration. It’s a frustration most working Americans can understand. You the reader are being taxed to death,or near death,the rich political elite and business elite have to keep you hanging on so they have workers and voters. All this turmoil,all these injustices, somewhere,somehow just tipped the scales for James Hodgkinson. People will preach all day long about how violence never solves anything. If that is true,Why the fuck do nations go to war? Violence was this suspect’s last recourse. He tried protesting,he tried voting,his vote was wasted by the Electorial College. This was his last straw. At least that is what he thought. Sadly he may be more right then anyone will ever tell. When this country was founded, it was founded because this people of the thirteen colonies were fed up with a government that glady took their money in taxes,but no longer represented them. They protested until they were blue in the face. After that did not work,they went to war. In history classes they ignore or at least bury it as deep as they can the real reason for the revolutionary war. It was never really about freedom or independent rule. They were pissed that their government’s only concern was how much profit they could make from these 13 colonies. They don’t teach that anymore. If to many people remembered the main reason,half of the USA’s various administrations would have been over thrown. I’m not saying go out and commit violent acts. But don’t let the media paint James Hodgkinson as an Oswald,do not be to sympathetic to these victims as they think you should, Because after all they made their beds,let them lay in it. Pour over the history books, look at the research, understand better what you are really voting for. None of these people are regular Americans,like you. They live in an increasingly insulated party. They live and exsist in the Property Party. DO NOT commit violent acts. I know this jumps around a bit,and I may have how projected some of my beliefs,in these posts. But you have seen the political circus,and may share my beliefs. These articles are to let you know where I stand as well,for future posts.

Analysis of Alexandria Pt3 Uno,Dos,WTF troi, maybe?

If you read the previous two entries, on this series? You done know what is going down,so let’s jump right in and get to work. Hope you fed your “little grey cells” Poirot reference,yeah I’m a dork/ nerd.

“How did Trump cause this, you welfare receiving,lazy, non working white bastard” is what you may be thinking of me. I never said Trump caused this. He is just one of the many scumbags who capitalized,as greedy,money grubbing, capitalist are wont (not won’t) to do. And yes the Democrats are just as bad,just more flexible.Every system depends on one lie. “If you do this, this being money or low paid slavery,things will be better.” That is the lie sold to us everyday in every product,every job, every education. Notice that all three things “cost” something. Some cost family time and physical labor, some cost money. So how did an election 8 years ago, a war, and a couple of buildings lead do a Donald Trump win. I see these things as connected by a thin yarn that actually has it’s​ start in post war America. I also see it as my duty to connect and inform you the reader. You can catch snippets of political news on there favorite network, those snippets may be biased,but working folk don’t have time to research every little politician’s comment. The truth is I won’t research every little issue either, you and I would go crazy. That is exactly how people like Trump And Clinton and other political players have polarized this nation ,well,those things and money! Back to Alexandria…

It all started when a start eyed senator from Illinois decided​ he wanted to be the First black President of America. If you believe the conspiracy party henceforth represented by this symbol (C),because let’s face it they are their own political party. He was chosen,according to the (C) party. We were coming off,still going through a war. A war where some parts were later proven to be unjustified, and that cost American lives on the battle field,which in hind sight we found, we as Americans we were lied to. Gas prices were sky high,the mortgage crisis was looming,and the economy was imploding. Outsourcing of American jobs were becoming the new normal. I still believe Enron help kick off the economy crash. Once we found out about Enron and the subsequent account​ing frauds,the investors and governments of the world got more involved in their investments and found fraud. Bernie Madoff and his scheme were just more waste for an over flowing sewer. Some even me, a person who voted for Bush the second time around were beginning to see through the new police state of America. (We must remember the “Patriot Act” which is a misnomer if I ever heard one,more like a deal with Faust.) Was created around this time,which then allowed the creation of the long sought after NSA prism project. Prism was a control over freedom ( which is not freedom) measure that allowed for the government to snoop on everybody if they entered keywords anywhere on the web. The truth is the upper end security services always had access to phone and snail mail,but prism made it faster and easier and made it broader in scope to do this thru a secret court,because of it’s nature (national security rubber stamp) that was not to be disclosed in court cases.The prisim project also created massive storage databases,to store flagged infor until it could be prioritized​. I would like to note that the security services biggest deal was with AT&T, which is every cellphone service provider’s “backhaul” provider. Remember the massive outage back in 2016,that was actually an AT&T network problem. I think the problem was actually a Russian infiltration/hack, maybe even the one that helped Trump in his election win if that is ever proved. To cut through big AT&T firewalls and security measures, you would need a lot,like metric fuck ton of processing power, and a group of damn good hackers. I think, speculation only folks, they​ didn’t disclose it because of the implications of vulnerability of the their system. Earlier this year, it was also leaked that the CIA had lost control of cyber weapons it created,for cyber warfare. Maybe the Russians used these tools to fuck with election results. “But Shaun, you say to yourself,the electoral college would tell us if it’s vote had been tampered with” No reader they would not,the implications would cause Hell to implode. If it was admitted people would lose total faith in the government and leadership of this country. The Electoral College has only went against the popular vote 5 times out of 45. That is one fucked up ratio,math guys help me out in the comments hopefully. Yet Trump managed to win. So if the system was compromised, we would never be told. That’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s just common sense if you connect the dots. My ADD or stupidity one is getting the best of me. Back to Obama winning 8 years ago. A fair amount were fed up with, losing jobs,homes,and lifestyle under Bush. He was warned about terrorism using planes for an attack,he basically told the guy to fuck off. There is a record of this from an unbiased source,I remember seeing either a transcript or actual footage of this moment. Fed up America was ready for a change, a generation of teens were coming in to voting age, raised on black TV shows Martin, Living Single, and In Living Color the Cosby Show Fresh Prince of Bel Air and rap music from Long​ Beach CA. They seen the LA riots on TV much like there parents in the 60s. They seen OJ Simpson aquitted on murder charges. Everybody was wearing Starter gear like the black athletes they looked up to,black and white kids. The rap was gangsta and the R&B was smooth as milk,and let’s not forget the high tech rednecks ,even if they claim they are not, coming out of the northwest with a new music called grunge. It was loud, unfiltered and covered in flannel and blue jeans on top of muddy work boots from the Seattle and surrounding areas ceaseless rain storms. These kids were not afraid or even cautious of black people. There parents claimed to not be racist and they had “black friends” but still told jokes in certain circumstances, about black men not working,and black welfare queens who had ten kids a Cadillac and were apparently living the high life drinking 40s, smoking crack, and sucking up aid from hard working white people. (The black welfare queens is a myth from the Reagan era.)This is seriously shit I heard growing up. I live in the southeast and fly the rebel flag (More of a “I’m from the south” than a let’s enslave a bunch if people symbol). The whole of the southeast is not racist, pockets of  extreme racism do exsist. I believe I still hold some racial biases, I’m no saint, but I never stop trying to let them go. These kids,these Gen Xers and millennials they wasn’t having that shit. Their friends,much like their parents a generation ago, had friends, who were being killed overseas in what some were calling yet another war sold to us on lies and being paid for in young men’s and women’s blood​. The war had turned into a stalemate much like Vietnam. So here comes a young black man saying something to do with “change”. More feared because of his education not his skin color by young Americans. He promises healthcare in their youthful life time. He says better education, a better economy, a way out of the  war. These kids don’t want to be their parents, working 10 20 years for a company just to watch everything get torn away by greedy men looking to get richer,when they have more wealth than they could ever spend anyways.So here comes a man that’s gonna solve all the aforementioned problems and he is black and he wins. He’s gonna fix wall street, going to bring the economy back to life. Love him or hate him,by chance or by design, America rebounds! Gas prices drop, job markets experience growth, it’s slow, but steady. Yet there is a darkness shadows his Presidency. Little does he know towards the end of his second term,the waves he sought to calm have been hiding off shore and here is an under current and it will try to drown his legacy, and that current has been around since the beginning of this great country………

Analysis of Alexandria Pt 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Please read previous entry,before reading this post, otherwise you may get lost and Google Maps won’t help you here!

So Donald Trump, business man,reality TV star,and Republicans worst nightmare,yeah they voted for him,but a deal with the devil might have worked out better for them. He wins the election!! He plans to make America great again,how… I really never knew. He wanted to do away with Obama’s legacy, the Affordable Care​ Act,aka Obamacare. We could go all day about the pros and cons of ACA. Rich white people hated it so upper middle class people ( what was left of them) knew they had to hate it too,if they were to keep up with the Joneses of the world.( Funny fact a study!!!!! proved that luck,and the family you were born into overwhelmingly determined your success.)So the Republican party got behind the overturn ACA bandwagon because they will be damned if they are gonna pay for some lazy working poor guys healthcare. Bootstraps and all that. At the time of this post,they have yet to come up with a suitable alternative,that won’t piss off their constituents. We all know about the election, it’s results the further polarization of the left and right. And we are all ignorant bastards. Speaking of pissed off constituents,that makes for a nice transition to the core issue, The Alexandria Incident and analysis. 

On the morning of 06/14/2017 a gunman opened fire on a group of GOP congressional members that had gathered for an early morning practice of their GOP sports team. The GOP players were gearing up for a match with their sworn enemies the Democratic counterparts. This is the kind of leisure activities that were once afforded to hardworking factory men and women of Fortune 500 companies during the post WW II Expansion period. Funny how those hardworking people are to tired and stress and broken physically to participate in this kind of activity anymore. A little after 7am ET the gunman opened fire on the field at Simpson Park. Luckily House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise(R-LA) was one of the players. Because of his higher profile role in government, he gets Capital Hill Police protection “off duty” means when he is not on the hill or official event. The GOP baseball league is a kinda like a Frat,you choose and they accept you or not, from what I gather. (Note: I don’t think my readers are stupid, I over explain on purpose. Most one off bloggers fail because they go for shock and awe, with no facts,kinda like the war in Iraq 😁) Fortunately the capital police were able to subdue the shooter 66 yr old James Hodgkinson of Illinois. After all the media and spectator bum rush, ABC news devoted 3 and a half hours,that I know of to constant coverage of the incident thus putting off Kelly and Ryan and the View. I don’t even think Sandy Hook got that kind of continued uninterrupted coverage on ABC,( if a reader knows how much time got devoted to Sandy Hook on ABC please comment). Most of it was speculation on motive,and if there were other incidents forthcoming with “expert analysis” on reasons why and very little actual information. I know what you’re thinking,”but Shaun you’re doing the same thing” Yes,yes I am,but I never claimed to be an expert and I sure as fuck ain’t getting paid,yet! The gunman had a few angry Facebook post and belonged to a few anti-Trump groups online. The media I have seen, has yet to tie him to any anti-republican groups just anti-Trump groups. As always, if you know something,post in comments. That is the basics of Alexandria. The suspect was shot, transported to a hospital and later died. The 5 victims as of 11:18pm 06/14/2017 Central time were in the hospital and expected to recover,how well they recover is yet to be seen. I do know trama, mental and physical, it’s effects vary from person to person. You can bet,they might end up suffering some form of PTSD. The next post,will focus on my main topic,the repercussions and damage of the Alexandria Incident. The far reaching consequences of this man’s detestable actions will be felt in the coming days weeks and months. Unfortunately, I have concluded that in some way Trump’s win made something like this inevitable, and what’s more troubling is the fact that if we were living under Clinton’s White House the same incident would have occurred,due to an election from almost 8 years ago,that foreshadowed current events.

Analysis of Alexandria

Let’s begin with me saying I do not condone the actions of the shooter at a GOP baseball team practice in Alexandria,VA on 6/14/17. I seek simply to look for reasons for his actions. I seek to explore the far reaching implications of his actions. What drives a man to be so desperate as to commit such a violent act. Most of my opinion is based on the details from numerous news sources. Fox CNN rueters and AP news. I believe you must read news from all these sources, to form a clear,yet still biased human opinion. I will cite sources where I can. Otherwise I claim no ownership of quotes,except my own opinions. 

The past 2016 election season was brutal by all accounts. Trump versus Clinton with a little Sanders thrown in to stir the pot. With Clinton you had the Republicans bringing up the Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and then an atomic bombshell Of the DNC hacking. The carefully crafted image of Hillary Clinton,a woman of the people. If you were poor and black or poor white,an immigrant, or a woman, she was your horse. Hoping to capitalize on President Barrack Obama’s good will early on in the election.Then out of nowhere, the DNC hacking, supposedly pull off by the State backed hackers of a Russia, who are increasingly giving the western governments the cold shoulder. Revelations from the DNC leaks, kickbacks, special favors, seems like I remember something about DNC leaders favouring Clinton’s campaign,by starving other Democrats for money. Lyin’ Hillary, Trump’s derogatory name for Clinton not mine. It went on and on, they tried bringing in Big Bill Clinton’s cheating scandals. Trump oh boy Trump was a campaign managers worst nightmare. He took to Twitter like a pig to mud. He mocked a diabled reporter,then claim he didn’t,when there was video footage and audio recordings of him doing so. His multiple bankruptcies,and failed investments. His talk of grabbing females by the pussy. His leering over Hillary at a debate like a serial creep. The list of stuff that Trump did to sabotage his campaign is so long, I would not have time to research and fact check it all,and still have room for a life. To me his biggest party foul was calling for the US to be hacked by Russia. That in itself was enough at one time to get you jailed,if not a death sentence. Trump won and like it or not,,until the Russia/Trump investigation is concluded,will likely remain that way,and could stay that way afterwards. I am of the opinion that all politicians are crooked and only out for themselves. The Democrats however will give the poor, the black,and the immigrants certain concessions. I share Gore Videls view, that only one party exists..the “property party”. Google”Gore videl” and “the property party” without quotes of course for more info. The next post Analysis Of Alexandria P2 will discuss further polarization of American Politics and more analysis of Alexandria,from my point of view.That point of view is that of someone,just trying to exsist and move along in the world, without drowning.

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