Post Holiday : Trump Selling US to Russia at Clash of the Titans. KCS

It has come to light that Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin linked lawyer during last year’s election. He met with the lawyer,who has ties to the Kremlin under the pretense of the Russians having information that could help Trump’s Presidential campaign, damaging  info on Clinton. Could this be the files from the DNC hacking ? Trump’s cult has repeatedly denied any connections with the Russians. Of course every week new evidence turns up. Putin was pressed by Trump at a face to face meeting with the Russian dictator. The dictator denied it strongly. Of course Trump Jr has admitted to meeting with a source in Moscow. How is that not evidence of a conspiracy to cripple the election process? This Russian rabbit hole is getting deeper by the day. The meanwhile evidence of the election being stolen keeps stacking up. Trump attempted to distract the media and public from the Russian Investigation/Obamacare repeal fiasco by taking a jab at some TV host over at MSNBC shortly before the 4th of July/Independence Day celebrations here in the States. It’s a Kansas City Shuffle, show them one thing to hit them with the other. The Russian Investigation,much like Nixon’s Watergate scandal, will be a testament to who or what our government actually works for. The contenders like it or not are “big money” versus the American people. If Trump is not put in prison or at the very least kicked out of the White House the winner will be “big money”. If he is kicked out or put in prison the democratic process is still intact. In fact guilty or not he must be impeached to the full limits of American law. If there is any doubt to his claim to the White House he must resign. If he does not,Americans will never have faith in the election process ever again. Robert Muller ( lead investigator) has been tight lipped about the Russian election meddling investigation. For our sake and democracy’s sake Mr. Muller must speed this investigation up. That may restore what little faith the American public has left.


Why Your Vote Will Be Useless in 2018: How to Steal An Election.

The New Disturbing Way Trump is ensuring a 2020 win is scary . A voting commission set up to investigate voter fraud is requesting disturbing amounts of information from all 50 States on voters. This includes home addresses, dates of birth, full names, registered party, social security numbers,election votes for 2006 onward,felony convictions, voter registrations, military status, and overseas citizen information. The commission is asking for all this to be sent to them, over a non encrypted email address. This would open millions of people,not just actual voters up to identity theft and massive government voter suppression. I am going attempt explain how this information can be used to rig future elections and possibly the 2018 congressional election in particular. This is speculation as of now not a fact. It is just a common sense take on what I would do to consolidate power, and I’m not that smart, so if I can think it somebody more cunning and educated already has.

As with everything this day and age is all goes back to Donald Trump. With Trump making it hard on Republicans a democratic sweep of the fall election is closer and closer everyday. Donald Trump may have won the electoral vote but he did not win the popular vote. Our Electors typically follow the  popular vote for their state, they don’t always have to, it varies from state to state. Electoral votes are given to a state based on how many congressional members any given state has. Congressional members are given to a state based on population a state has. California for instance has 55 electoral votes, the have more congressional members due to population. Where do population numbers come from? Population numbers are determined by the United States Census. The Census are taken every 10 years in the United States. If your population grows enough through time you are awarded more congressional delegates. What is problematic about the Census is that it does not care if you are natural born American,here on a work visa or an illegal immigrant. This is the real reason, I believe for the immigration fight between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans conservative by name only, want only people like them voting, thus keeping them in power to shape this country in to their America. In that situation you would have more rural voters and areas getting counted,who tend to be conservative making up more number in the Census, getting more Congressional representation. Democrats are all for making illegals legit. This good will gesture would in theory, make immigrants more partial to voting Democratic Party. Also the fact that urban areas tend to have high immigrant populations, and lean liberal. This along with gerrymandering could redraw congressional districts. That would allow the Republican party an edge over the Dems. The democrats could pull the same stunt, and in fact I’m sure they have. What is really disturbing is the fact that this information could be used to coerce votes on a town to town, person to person basis. The federal government could make back room deal with town and county elected and state officials. If they were to Governor Anystate,USA it would go like this “You push for my party or we may withhold federal funds from your state.”Then the Governor could lean on Big Town in the state, and then the mayor leans on smaller towns at the convention of mayors etc. They could also use it to flag SS numbers to target person to person or company to company. You see this could spin out of control very quickly. All the info the commission is asking for is public in some form or another. What would be disturbing would be a collection of specifics in one government computer system,that then can be linked to an IRS computer and other systems to target specific persons. The widespread voter fraud of 2016 was the real “fake news” of the election. Now I only speculate that the Census takes in to account illegal aliens. I am doing this based on the questions that I seen in the last Census. We also must account for is that some illegals would not even take the Census for fear that it may get them deported. If all the facts are stated correctly and I WARN that they may not be,then that is how you steal an election. You don’t need hackers or uneducated people. You just need a few strategically placed laws and the will to do it. If I am incorrect about some facts please tell me in the comments section. Everyday is a learning experience.

The White House is Falling.

During his short tenure in office Trump has use Twitter to gain supporters and strike back against critics, real or imagined. His colorful Twitter posts come across like a 12 year old boy who has yet to see his first boob. The posts intended audience… Trump’s Cult… Has done nothing but hurt him and his followers/supporters/cult. I can not remember a single person that has done more to hurt the Republican party in my lifetime,even super elite Mitt Romeny stayed with the parties public core values. As for the parties private core values,I don’t know. The long short is this,Trump and company are using this shit as a distraction.

What Americans have seen so far… Trump has recently taken up the position that Obama was negligent in doing nothing about Russian hacking. A few months ago he held the shaky ground that the whole Russian hacking of the election was a hoax or at the very least nothing to worry about. Obama couldn’t have been “negligent”  about a “hoax” now could he.

It would have been Trump’s responsibility to follow through on sanctions and “punishment” of the Russian government. Could the Russians have something on Trump that could destroy his illusion of a wealthy, powerful business boy? It was standard operating procedure during the Cold War to gain leverage,”dirt” over important people to induce cooperation. Could this be the reason for Trump’s inaction on the Russian Investigation?

Which leads me to my final questions. With all the distraction of Trump’s  outrageous, unpresidental like behavior, what about the Middle East? Sure you here about oil,but rarely do we here about progress in the war against ISIL/ ISIS. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places for this news. What about the North Korean situation. These situations have disappeared from the news media. Maybe the White House/ Trump’s intensions are to distract us from one unbelievable, disturbing fact… That he does not have a clue about the world. His idea of being cultured,and global is limited to where he may build his next resort or hotel. That’s it. He is the type of person, as he has shown repeatedly, that is illiterate when it comes to world politics. Yes political manuvers are based on money. You also have  to know about give and take. Sometimes it is not as simple as pledging money to a judge or NYC official.Maybe thay is Trump’s biggest flaw. He may be a balla’ when it comes to business deals,but he is a piss poor first string when it comes to global affairs.

Trump Just called Americans Stupid via Sarah Huckabee Proxy

In a White House press briefing Sarah Huckabee called first on a Breitbart Bratbart what ever the fuck they are called to launch in to a diatribe about “fake media” due to CNN having to retract a Russian article. The article was not fact checked in-line with CNN journalism standards. Most agree that she Sarah Huckabee set this choice up for “propaganda” purposes. Propaganda, this is the first time I have ever used this term seriously describing a US President or White House. Yes I have used it other times as a shot across the bow at anything that seems a bit to cult like. That is in fact what Donald Trump has turned the White House in to a cult/ semi dictatorship. A dictator must have an enemy or enemies, regardless of the fact that those enemies may or may not exist, in this case any media outlet that is critical of him. Democrats and Republicans have always been enemies. What we are seeing though, is something that I have never seen in America. Straight up propaganda, on a grand, yet transparent scale. Anybody with a high school diploma can see right through everything Trump’s Cult has said. New York Times compiled a list of times Trump has lied. There were so many I could not read them all, on black text on a white background. They should have done it list format would have been easier to read. The lies are distractive though. I can not think of one thing the mother fucker has done in office except play more golf than Obama! His immigration ban just yesterday got a partial approval from the United State Supreme Court. Not one piece of legislation has passed that was not already in the works before Obama left office. Even then it was congress (Dems and Repubs) that were writing and passing these things. The bullshit coming from the White House plus Trump’s reckless use of Twitter has put everyone in his Cabinet and PR team in cover the Boss’s ass mode on a daily basis. It’s time for Trump to go, simple as that. I am going to write congressional members myself  and ask them to put things on hold and deal with getting this ego maniac out of the White House. The powers that be need to speed up the Russian investigation, if they can tie it to Trump, he’s out like Nixon. If he was smart enough to keep his fingerprints off of it then there has to be something in the Constitution to get him out. If anything he is laying out bad ground work for the 2018 fall elections. So in a way I want him to keep up his stupid bullshit. Cause that means a lot of Republicans may be out of a job. I have republican friends already jumping ship to vote out Republicans next fall. They realize there must be a counter balance to the madness of a upcoming dictatorship. That is the key. We must keep more moderate republicans and democrats in congress. If either side holds a overwhelming majority, this is not a nation you are going to want to live in. Most of all Donald Trump has shown us that 1) a good amount of people are not as educated as they thought. 2) that consolidation of power has been is and always will be a very bad idea. Trump being made President is as big a travesty in American history as slavery and mistreatment of native Americans. The last two sitting Presidents Obama vs Trump have not even had halfassed support from the opposing party. In fact it has become a political civil war. It has turned family members against each other. The only difference is the American Civil War was fought with weapons and pamphlets. This one is beginning much the same way, social media and yellow journalism of a sort, through social media. Social media has become the fastest way of spreading a falsehood. With many more older Americans using these sites this has spread falsehoods even further. Before anybody can stop the freight train it has become a truth. Older people have a hard time distinguishing between the lies and truths, because the get intermingled with their friends post which are are in fact real and truthful. This is not an indictment of the elderly, I have seen this phenomenon live and in person. The “don’t believe everything you watch or read” parable seems not to apply to social media for older people, which happens to be the people who turn out to vote. Thus, fake news and propaganda,plus post that illicit a reactionary response get taken at face value. Trump and his team are clearly taking advantage of this. Television and web news outlets are partially to blame as well. In order to get clicks, often when sharing a news story socially only the most inflammatory headline gets put in the blurb that shows up in a news feed. Then there is Bratbart brietbart wtf ever, these sites and their liberal counterparts only write stories in an inflammatory manner, not as a fact, but as opinion pieces much like this blog. I clearly state this is an opinion blog. I try to say it in every post. I try to connect the dots to form a common thread, and some may be far reaching, but I am not going to shove it down your throat as a truth. Every time a political string gets pulled, it isn’t for the sole benefit of the American public. Someone powerful is getting something somewhere. Now that is a truth. Chances are if they build a new road through your town, somebody rich and powerful is getting richer due to its construction. That is it for this post, may post later if something comes up.. peace out

The Shed: The Power of The Park Compells You…

This is the Shed where I dive into topics that don’t involve political junk. Basically the dumb stuff that comes across my mind at odd times. Today’s topic is about how people hate on everything and everyone. I have noticed how along with the internet hating on stuff has become an American past time. Take for instance the Kardashians. A lot of beautiful ladies and some dudes. They are famous because of their Dad who was a lawyer for OJ Simpson during the 300th “trial of the century”. That and Bruce/Katelyn Jenner. You have a family that ham it up on TV living the glamorous life. We watch the meltdowns and happiness then catch a case of duality. We love and hate them simultaneously. I have caught bits and pieces of the show, not my kind of TV. It is some people’s TV show of choice though. Our friends share their success’s across social media,we hit the like button,then turn around and talk shit about them. It is an unreal experience if you look at it from the outside. When it comes to some things hate is just envy. There is not really anything wrong with being critical when it is constructive. Most of the time we don’t do it for that reason. Sucess has caused some of my friends to drift away. It feels bad,two or three years ago when they needed me I was platinum,now I’m just lead. But then again I haven’t been in a position to make time to visit them on home turf. So I find myself hatin’ on people. See I’m just as guilty ass everybody else. Then I step back and realized that is a fucked up line of think. The point is all these people that we hate/envy don’t deserve most of it, they are just some schmuck that is getting lucky and working at it to get by and have some fun before the ride ends. Take the money from people and they will still have some measure of modest success. The Kardashians are really just working a really high paying day job. That’s just the way it is this day June 27th 2017.

How Much Did Obama Know?

Source article. If you clicked the link you know the story. Let us discuss it further.

So Obama knew of election hacking but close to keep it in intelligence circles. He feared compromising the methods  of intelligence gathering and sources. He also considered relaying that information to the public as interference in the election process. That’s bullshit! Now I was a big fan of a fair amount of Obama’s White House, but the election had already been compromised by the DNC hacking. What people should consider, is that the DNC hacking was the equivalent of Watergate. It was a political party of some sort,in this case Republicans by Russian proxy, stealing political information or strategy from another party the Democrats. The DNC emails were released by Wikileaks on July 22, 2016. Trump called for hacking on Hillary Clinton 5 days later on July 27,2017 at a Florida press conference. I am of the opinion that the election was already fucked the minute the emails were released. So Obama did nothing to help the situation. In fact he made it worse. Obama allowed the election to be stolen. No we can’t put all the blame on him. Why? Well the President depends on a group of advisors military,intelligence,economics, and others. Now which advisors told him to keep this information to himself we can only speculate. The you go back to the Trump-Russia connections. Put these dots together and there is a secret shit storm brewing. I am suspicious of Trump’s call to hack Hillary’s email servers. I have yet to see anything that shows how far back Trump’s Russia ties go back. If it shows that it went back way before the before the DNC email debacle is it possible that Trump knew he had an inside edge. Could a Russian official or spy have told Trump that Russia a way to win. Trump has been called many things and yes has had financial problems,but he is not that stupid. The amount of bravado can only be shown by a person, Trump in this case, if they are aware of something that everybody else doesn’t know.Up until recently Trump had called the hack a hoax. Now that information has indicated that the Obama administration knew of the Russia election meddling , he has fully embraced that it is in fact true. Simply put he is using it as a political football to be critical of Obama’s White House. Trump’s a loser, big fat orange loser. His supporters will now doubt chew some tobacco, spit and agree with him instantly. Trump’s political supporters that are overwhelmingly white and rural, hear the headline and believe just a snippet that their racist uncle posts to social media. Dude I have seen it, I live around a bunch of his supporters. Sitting around with people talking, they will mention a Trump snippet they heard on Fox News or CNN, and I have to explain how and when it will hurt or help them. then they get angry because I made them look or feel stupid. Reactionary to the max. I know a man his spouse will lose her health care under the current health care reform bill, yet he believes it is all a lie and that Trump would not do that to decent hard working Americans. they all believe this prophet will save them from the gays, blacks and criminal immigrants. Lost sheep is what the Christians call it I think. The only reason anyone does anything for anybody in this world is because it will benefit them one way or another. That is my opinion at the moment.

American Health Care Act:Death Panel By Proxy?Or Tax Break for Greedy Capitalists? Both.

The text for the new health care was released by Republicans on Thursday stirring rowdy debate in the news media and on the “Hill”. The Republicans have been working in secret hoping to avoid a shit storm and bad press that plagued the House version. I read CNNs  article on winners and losers in the American public. First thing : No bill should ever be “worked” on away from the eyes of the American public. Now to the beef of the bill. It cuts benefits one way or another for people around the age 60 mark. I believe that the bill wrongly assumes that people around this mark are well established enough to cover the soaring cost of their health care. Apparently, those in Washington haven’t noticed wage stagnation and outsourcing. It creates death panel by proxy due to these folks not being able to pay for medication that keeps them alive. It gives tax breaks to insurers and drug makers assuming that money will be spent on making insurance cheaper instead of ending up in some CEO’s Cayman Islands bank account It also cuts deep into Medicaid ( insurance for most poverty level and out of work Americans and people with disabilities), it also slows or phases out Medicaid expansion. This also puts rural hospitals in jeopardy. Rural ( farm country and coal country, numb nuts) hospitals tend to be in areas where employment is low and economic depression is high. So tell me again how that is saving coal country. Hell the Republicans would be doing the Democrats job of ridding America of coal, you can’t dig it up if the people who work the mines are dead. It also gives tax breaks to the top 1%. Those making above $775.000 a year would receive a  $33,000 tax break. The very tip top earners would get a $200,000 dollar tax break. We are talking about people who have more money than even the worst drug addict drunk grandchild could spend in a lifetime. There is your tax reform Trump promised, he never did say exactly who would get it during the campaign. That is the other problem. It breaks a lot of campaign promises that Trump made. Politicians break promises all the time.Most at least try to hide it. Now some say the new administration’s “don’t give a fuck” attitude and politically incorrect mindset is what makes it so attractive. Well I’m all good with ditching the political correctness, that don’t give a fuck attitude is dangerous. It seems Trump only wants benefits of don’t give a fuck mentality and not the downsides, when the media is talking shit about him and making fun of him and his destruction of the respect and dignity of the Oval Office. You can’t have it one way and not the other. Even bad Presidents,except maybe,Nixon, have tried to keep the dignity. Come to think of it, even Nixon tried with a cover up. Here  I would  like to point out that I called Trump another Nixon way before the MSM caught on. So at least I was ahead of the curve one time! Remember politics happen in real time, not WOW time check back later or find me on the “Book. Update: the CBO has yet to look at the bill. Once that political apratchik looks at it,we will know the official numbers and other details of Trumpcare. So you may want to check back here or a few media sources mid week.

The Shed : Should the news media be held to higher standards.

This is a side piece. It really is just a rambling about news media’s infiltration of every level of society.

 The media has come along way from the newspaper of yesteryear. We now have news media conglomerates who hold powerful sway over public audiences. They have websites, television,radio and even good ole fashioned newspapers. Back in the day you had Walter Cronkite. A man that delivered the news in a straight forward manner with a monotone voice. I have yet to see Uncle Walt in a piece of footage where he shows the least bit of favor toward one political party or another. Fast forward the news has become a source of entertainment. CNN reports for the left and Fox News reports for the right. And it brings them high ratings for sure. Yet something is lost between the code,airwaves,and print. I am going to use CNN for my example because I am most familiar with that news organization. When ever CNN does a segment on political issues they have a standard formula. Anchor and two pundits representing the two sides,left and right. Anchor poses a question and pundit 1 begins to speak, then pundit 2 interrupts pundit 1. What you end up with is a shouting match. Niether pundit makes a compromise on any issues. You never really get any news info. This style of “reporting” has contributed to political polarization. What you get is a talking head giving you the “news” and then they lead people in to a debate. The anchor has given you the news in the opening segment. That is the piece you miss. Take the Russian Investigation,if it was given to you in a news format it would go like this : officials in Washington today are investigating the Trump Administration,which has been accused of conspiracy to rig the 2016 election a congressional panel has been assembled to hear evidence on the matter. That however is not what you get. Much like here you get an opinion. I never claimed to be a reporter. My writing skills sucks and sometimes I depend on readers to fact check and correct information. I give you my opinion.Should news media be held to a higher standard than bloggers? I will say it again, I get my info from CNN or Fox or various other sources. I then investigate, research the subject then form an opinion. Hopefully I can form an opinion that is unbiased,but sometimes my personal beliefs get in a post. Although, I do have a different opinion than some folk, I try my best to see it from their side and I also hope they do the same for me. No you can’t ride the fence, but you can at least choose when both parties should come to that fence and compromise. The news media who oddly enough who “report” on political polarization, further the process with their reporting format. This ensures high ratings. With websites they tend to you attention grabbing,yet misleading headlines. Sometimes you’ll read,”celeb dies in horrible accident” Then you click and find out it is somebody you have never heard of,or that hasn’t been a celebrity in years. This is what is referred to as “clickbait”. Clickbait the scourge of the web/internet. In closing remember which ever news organizations you choose to use they all have one goal : ratings, clicks, and subscriptions, and they will do anything to get them. You have to read or watch between the lines.

Late Breaking: Everybody Aware of Election Hacking Except Us.

Reports from Washington Post confirm that the 2016 election hacking was known to officials in DC under the Obama administration. This shows Obama’s failure to secure the election results. It happened in his last days of his administration before the election. Intelligence services captured from a source deep in Russia that Putin gave the orders directly, probably to state backed hackers. It would have fallen on Trumps shoulders to follow through with some kind of punishment to the Russian government. I pointed out in an earlier post today that players from both countries are seeking to return the United States and Russia to a “Cold War” status for the enormous profits to be made from war.This is clear evidence that the election was stolen from the American people. According to various news reports, Putin’s orders were to somehow tip the election in Trump’s favor. The question now becomes, Why did this election matter to Putin? Did Trump & Company have previous business deals with Russia and call in a favor with Putin? Did Putin do it  out of his own free will? Maybe to cause instability in the western hemisphere? To some how raise oil prices through western instability? Or is he just doing a little political dick swinging. Either way it puts us back on the track to some kind of Cold War. Most nations now consider nuclear weapons useless except as a deterrent. Cold War 2: Electric Boogaloo will no doubt start in cyber space. The last remaining questions are as follows : What will the USA do about it? and Who fired the “first shot”? Was it Russia’s election interference? Or did the US do something the public does not know about?

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