The White House is a Leaky Faucet,and it Keeps Dripping People

The Mooch is out General John Kelly is on the field. The last week in the White House has been a shit storm. Spicer kicked out Tony “Tough”Scaramucci kicked after 11 days! Damn that is a short employment length. Who’s next? Sarah ” I use three name,because I want to remind people I am a politician’s kid,but married and conservative woman” Huckebee Sanders it could be Kellyann ” Conjob” Conway. The world is watching and the White House has become a 3 ring circus! Chaos in the ranks, is a weakness that can be exploited. I wasn’t around for it,but I don’t think Nixon’s White House had this much trouble. The White House has a job turn over rate worse than your local fast food joint. The only person of notable interest that is missing from the media shows is Dr. Ben Carson,who heads Housing And Urban development. I have heard black/African Americans refer to him as an “Oreo”. I think that is a racist word. It’s meaning and use when referring to Carson makes sense. “Oreo”: A person of color who is black,in this instance, but white on the inside,like the cookies. Some of the African American community believe that because of his life of privilege,he does not know what it is to be “black” in America. Ben Carson is a walking talking Cliff Huxtable,Bill Cosby’s character in the highly rated The Cosby Show. It seems stereotypical to put a black man aka Oreo in charge of a system that is supposedly relied upon black Americans mainly. I have heard some refer to him as the token black man,or affirmative action hire for the Trump administration. It is true that Trump’s cult seems a bit Caucasian heavy. It has been said that Trump’s win was a, “white revolt” against the advancement of immigrants and black people. As a white person I do not know what it is to be black. I will not apologize for being white. I do however think Trump’s win was based in race relations. He never officially denounced with a heavy hand that he was against the white supremacists being part of his base. He may have offered some little “I don’t like them” restitution,but in reality he never came down hard himself,maybe his media monkeys i.e. Kellyann Conjob did but not him. I do believe his “win” was do in part to racism. Yes the electoral college went against the popular vote and we ended up with The Donald. That just tells us that the college is as racist your local neo Nazis. We must consider a lot of factors including Russian assistance,race,class warfare, corporations, Clinton’s alienation of white working class and email scandal. All I know right now is,The USA has become a laughing stock, a shell of what we used to be. We were already slipping on the world stage, and Trump is a clown of the worst kind. If Mueller doesn’t get this investigation cleared up,we the 98% will suffer,it won’t be the wealthy elite. According to how this all plays out we could be on the cusp of a revolution,who will own that particular revolution has yet to be decided. More people than military, but we are all just trying to survive the electric bill,car repair,or rent/mortgage. We ALL may end up slaves.


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