Why you should care about the election in Venezuela.

Today is election day in Venezuela. The issue on the ballot: Power. Maduro is trying to throw away that country’s Constitution. The people if Venezuela have been deprived of essential goods and services for the past few years. Inflation is sky high so high in fact,that it is only comparable to Post WW1 Germany. Inflation has risen due to a post oil glut of the past few years. Defying protest bans the people of Venezuela have took to the streets to protest Maduro’s consolidation of power. In recent years Maduro has had to replace Supreme Court judges of Venezuela with loyalist to his own party. He has done this avoid impeachment by the ruling party, his opponents. The Venezuelans have been dealing with inflation, lack of basic goods, services, and a failing infrastructure. You should be concerned about this election because the Republic of the United States of America imports a lot of oil from Venezuela. Oil has been the backbone of the country economy for many years. President Donald Trump is preparing sanctions against Venezuela to stop Maduro’s consolidation of power into a dictatorship. Today’s vote is made to do away with that country’s elected leaders so that Madero may stock the Congress/Parliament with loyalist. This is seen as a move to prevent his own demise. Regardless of election results no doubt he will, in fact consolidate power. In other words the election will be rigged. We should watch because if more sanctions are imposed,this will raise gas prices in the US. This however does not,as always effect the power elite of the United States government and wealthy elite. This is just one more case of the Shadow Government’s not caring how a majority of Americans are affected. They wealthy and government will make money on this some how. As I have said before,Donald Trump as much as I don’t like him,is an end result of continuous degradation of Democracy. You, yes you refuse to band with your people,working Americans, slaves of capitalism, to fight. You continue to worry about,the next iPhone or when Star Wars or Game of Thrones premier. So because of your failure,self interest,and allowing propoganda widen divisions, you should go spend what little you have on filling up your gas tanks,of gas guzzling SUVs ATVs and boats. By all means protect your lifestyle of liesure.More at Washington Post


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