Trumps laid low/ Back in the USSR

Short post. More of a statement without to much analysis. It’s made in America week in DC and who should disappear like a fart in the wind. Ivanka Trump. The heiress to Trumps kingdom,cause let’s face it Junior fucked up,has been off the radar for the spotlight on American Manufacturing. This is most likely because her father touted Make America Great Again,by bringing manufacturing job back to the States, but the brands bearing her name are made in overseas countries. This was actually brought up this week and was brushed off. Someone said that it was in the spirit of capitalism that the goods are manufactured overseas because American companies do not have capacity or production base for these goods. Well that’s bullshit. There are tons of manufacturing plants already here that could manufacture the goods with one slight difference. If manufactured here, it would cut in to Ivanka’s profits. Over here people would be paid a higher wage versus a nominal wage and labor rights abuses. So Fuck you Ivanka,let Daddy stick the dick in again! 

Meanwhile, The Russian rabbit hole is getting fucking deeper by the minute. Mueller needs to step up. Diplomatic relations is how we have always dealt with the Russians. Never in America’s time have we asked any other country’s help electing a president. We have a few private business relationships,that are mutually beneficial with the Russians,that is it. Now Trump is in the White House giving Putin a blow job. Donald Trump is a traitor. Pure and simple,like all the wealthy elite ruling class. He needs to be impeached. If you don’t believe he is a traitor,you need to get your head out of your ass and put down the meth pipe.


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