Death Of Democracy Part 2: May It Rest in Pieces

Read Part 1 ….. Aristotle argued that one way,If I understand it correctly, that one way forward in a true democracy was what is commonly referred to as a “welfare” state. With the redistribution of wealth,you would be able to create a more equal and stable democracy. Let’s take a look at that word “welfare”. In these times that word has carried a lot of negative connotation. Most associate that word with a group of people who refuse to work,use drugs. Those are the only two associations that I could come up with at one time. Why could I only come up with those two associations? Because it has been drummed in to our heads,by both sides of the political asile. What falls under that welfare banner? Well one thing that is welfare,is the SNAP benefits otherwise known as food stamps. The original program was started after the Great Depression, it’s start date means it was probably a hedge measure and part of a the “New Deal”.  Another program that falls understand “welfare” is income based housing. Income based housing, for those who don’t know what it is… Income based housing is loosely defined as housing built by a private company or as a government project where applicants must fit a certain income criteria. The housing is then subsidized by a government agency. In this equation let’s say fair market value for a dwelling is 500$, tenants who meet income and other requirements makes 1000$ dollars a month. The government assumes that the average working American pays out 1/3 of their gross income for housing. Our tenants making one thousand dollars a month must pay 333.33$ or one third of their income as rent. Often times Electric, water, heating, costs are given a deduction which sets the rent lower. Say electric in that area costs 150$. Tenants still are responsible for that full bill,but programs give a 75$ credit, meaning that rent gets lowered by a certain precentage or dollar amount. If a housing complex has government money backing it then it is considered a “project”. “Projects” are even more complicated,but rents are still about the same. All these projects and income based housing are more often than not administrated by the US Department Of Housing and Urban development. These places really step on the rights of citizens. As of 2017,no smoking,no pets unless they are considered therapy pets,vouched for by a doctor. No more than two automobiles, no friends or family longer than seven days in a month, managers inspect every month, supposedly to make sure everything is working correctly and up to code. In reality they are looking for destruction of property and to see if tenants are trashing the place. For more on income based housing just search for “income based housing” without quotes. I told you but will tell you again for first-time readers. I told you I can lead you to the light but didn’t say it wasn’t going to be some work. But all this leads to our next point. Reduction in Democracy and Solidarity. Part 3 on the way….


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