Death of Democracy P3 : Attack on Solidarity, It’s the American Way.

We talked in the last post about how Aristotle thought the only way a democracy could survive was through having a welfare state. We discussed some of what is just a miniscule amount of what most people consider welfare. In the last post I talked about the SNAP or otherwise known as food stamp programs. Things people are taught to despise. I also talked about income based housing. A good majority of Americans believe in the myth that you can buy alcohol with SNAP benefits. Why do they believe this? They believe this myth because politicians and the media have turned food stamp programs into a political football. Johnny Congressperson, says to you,” here is Shane Foodstamp receiver,he doesn’t work,sits on his ass all day and instead of feeding his family,he takes the money that working Americans provides him with,and buys cases of Colt 45 and cigarettes.” This myth is well known and has been perpetuated for decades. Here is a startling fact, THAT MYTH is a LIE. SNAP benefits can not be used for alcohol or tobacco. Have people bought these things with it,yes,but how? GREED. If a store clerk rings up alcohol or tobacco,the benefits will not pay for it. It needs a manger override or cashier’s override. Most mangers will NOT do this! Now you get in to urban cities where the corner store is owned by 1 or 2 guys,those owners are more than happy to do this. So the GREED of the business class is really the only thing fuckin’ uncle Sam in the ass with this one myth. In my town,we are kind of spread out,we don’t have many independent grocery stores. So another complaint you here a lot,” these food stamp people have two carts loaded down with junk food” Stop right there mother fucker. Let us do some analysis pimp. Do you know what makes you feel hungry? The hungry feeling stems from a number of factors. Let’s just stick to the basics you idiot. When you have NO calories in your body,you have NO energy. This lack of energy and electrolytes leads to a feeling of HUNGER, imagine that. You then decide to eat. Now you’re rolling with the food stamps (grub stubs) but your broke ass is poor, living in the projects,with very little gas in your ride (car). Most poor people are,”working poor” means they got a job but it don’t pay dick. Food stamps don’t buy booze,cigs, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, medication, toothpaste,tooth brushes,soap, laundry detergent, shampoo etc. So very little gas,gotta wipe your ass and brush your grill (teeth). What’s a person to do. Well first off Food stamps come once a month. Because you have very little gas you gotta get everything in one trip,if you want to make it to work next week. So you go to your local Walmart (they buy in bulk) so shits cheaper! You gotta feed your family of three for a month,and you need max calories for minimum dollars. After all those grub stubs ain’t unlimited. Junk food is cheap and packed with calories. So you buy as much as you can at one time with what “stubs” and gas you got. This leads to “working Americans” who can’t get in this program to dislike food stamp recipients. John Congressperson done put it in your head that you should hate these people because they are getting a “free ride”.  Some of these people can’t work disabled physically and mentally. Is there abuse in the food stamp system, sure. Some work for cash and don’t pay taxes. Some are drug dealers. The problems are there,but no where near what politicians make it out to be. Anything can and will be abused. It is drilled in to most people’s head that anyone who is in a government program should not have any joy or pleasure in their life. They should just live in poverty and do NOTHING but toil and spin and pay back their debt. And when it comes to the middle classes,these fuckers, aren’t even paying back their debts. They buy houses and boats,and ATVs get into enormous amounts of debt, and then look down on people “lower than them” then bitch about how they can’t get into these welfare programs. All this brings me to my next point “Attack on Solidarity”. The “masters” of this country i.e. wealthy ruling elite and currupt government. They need you to hate these people on “welfare” They need to you to envy the middle class if you’re poor,they need the middle class to hate poor, they need the middle class to envy the rich people. Racism is needed,black must hate white and everybody must hate immigrants. The seeds of destruction must be sowed. This leads to a break down of Solidarity. Without that Solidarity,the rich can stay rich and the government can keep going. Money must buy politicians,so politicians can continue to make laws that reduce democracy and concentrate wealth into the hands of corporate interests and private persons. Meanwhile the 98% is down here struggling. Because as Madison argued,the opulent minority must be protected from the majority. If we didn’t have “political” issues, abortion taxes, welfare, healthcare, etc. We would get together and be like “what the fuck”. We would indeed take from the wealthy and distribute evenly. One person can make a bad decision for a bunch of people. A bunch of people,a majority of people, could and would make good decisions for a majority of people. This is the idea behind democracy,and it would have been a good idea. But money and the ruling elite ,the government,the Masters of the country, the opulent, and wealthy politicians run America. Their only plan is to keep you in your place,by reduction in Democracy and destruction of Solidarity. These sound like hippie ideas,in a way the hippies were correct. Civil rights took a big step in the 60s. It helped more than just black people. Before then the average person never really thought much about Civil rights. they thought about labor rights,if they were a union members and every now and then a protest would pop up here or there. The exercising of those were rights didn’t really happen much though. So what do we do,well we do nothing. Consumerism, I’m guilty,controls us all.


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