Death if Democracy: Life Six Foot Under.

So read the previous post first. With the corporate interests and wealthy in control what is the 98% going to do? Well let me spell it out in simple terms first:

  1. Private Money and corporate interests buy politicans
  2. Those politicans make policies that benefit those buyers
  3. Politicans get rich!
  4. Democracy is reduced.

You’re fucked! The idea is to keep you so distracted that you don’t notice the kansas city shuffle .  This puts most people in a new position that Chomsky refers to as a “precariot”. This is your average citizen that is increasingly precarious position. Republicans on one side Democrats on the other. Split by race,class, gender, political beliefs. Then you have what my mother referred to as keeping up with the Jones’. This is a byproduct of a consumer driven economy. I’m not saying that I don’t like material things. Everybody does! Because it has been driven in to our heads since we were children. A standard is set by the upper class, eventually it filters down to the middle class and finally to the poor. It’s interesting how some of the middle and upper middle classes refuse to believe they are part of the 98%. Your friend has a new car,so you want one kind of thing. Advertising tell us that if we don’t have this or that, you are an unperson. That your opinion is of no value. This creates yet another divide. All the while, the wealthy keep getting wealthy. After all these people have money and a new car and boat, so their opinion is of some value. So that opinion is expressed in dollars,thus they influence policy that benefit them. Those policies are,but not limited to, deregulation,tax law, criminal law, foreign policy etc. A person can do more time in jail for robbery than murder rape or child abuse. Why is that? Because taking money effects the bottom line profits. Red Reddington’s Cabal from the Blacklist is real! It is not a complete fiction. More often than not it is just the wealthy and politicans taking advantage of the circumstances though. Do they incite wars and order deaths of people? Maybe. A shadow government exists. Money. Republicans want less, a smaller government. Why? Well a lot of rich people minus Hollywood tend to be Republican. They can’t sell it to the masses unless they back some common poor persons interest. So they campaign on God, guns,and glory of ‘Merica. Lower taxes as a bait to small business owners. This is to reinforce the beliefs that they,the small business owners can be rich too! Deregulation allows them to do anything and everything for profit. God allows them to shore up a republican base that does not like a changing world. Pro gun legislation allows them to reinforce the illusion that if the government gets out of control their voters can stop it. Smaller government to Republicans means less oversight so  money can run amuck. Democrats campaign on equal rights, socioeconomic fairness,gay rights, women’s rights,gun control laws, social security, etc. Hell it’s right there in the name Democrat democracy “demo” the Dems believe that a government that is true to it’s prefix can and will be effective. Bad news, It can’t… Someone always gets greedy,that is why Communism doesn’t work. It’s all a vicious cycle. Our rights to destroy a system that doesn’t work has also been removed. Everything we can legally do to stop an out of control government,does not work. Voting does not work on a federal level. You could vote a new Congress person in next week, he’d be no use. Laws stop him from helping you, since he can’t help you he sells out. Everybody bitchin’ about Trump,he is nothing but an end result. A know nothing business guy from NYC,is the president. There exists people way more wealthy than him that run this country. Pure and simple. Yes he does need to be impeached. That will not help. It would just make a lot of people feel better.


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