United States Democracy: Pronounced Dead on July 14,2017.Was it ever born?

So exactly when did democracy die? Well to understand democracy,You must first understand that it was never born. In a true democracy there would be equality for all. James Madison argued that the opulent minority which means rich people should be protected against the labourers or poor people of this country. The true democracy was never born. Madison knew that in the future wealth would be concentrated into the hands of a few and in a democracy the majority or what we call the 98% would take the wealth of the rich to spread among themselves. In a true democracy inequality is non-existent. This is the true meaning of the quote “the rights of the majority should never infringe upon the rights of the minority”. When politicians bitch about people trying to change the Constitution this is exactly what they hope to avoid. If citizens were able to change the Constitution it would make for a more even democracy. At one time the majority of working Americans held the power. This is mainly during the golden age of unions. Unions acted as a barrier against corporate tyranny. With the decrease in unions there was a substantial loss of power by the common worker. During the Golden Age of unions even the poorest of people black or white had upward mobility. In those times the Common Man if he worked hard enough could buy a home,put his kids through school and retire. As Unions fell corporate, profits soared. With corporate profits increasing the concentration of wealth was left in the hands of a fewer people.With that concentration of wealth you have deregulation, loss of workers rights and money falling into the hands of politicians. With this money in the hands of politicians increasingly corporations and wealthy people have more control in the government. Most people generically believe that government is about protecting our freedoms through use of military force. Have you ever sat down and asked yourself what is the true purpose of the United States government? Most will answer by saying that they make laws and protect our people and interest. What exactly is our interest? By default our interest should be freedom and democracy. More often than not it turns out to be money. The two terms freedom and democracy are not synonymous. There exist a small group of people made up of wealthy politicians, wealthy private citizens and corporate interest that want a reduction in democracy. Big money backs the government so that the government creates laws that insure more concentration of wealth. This cycle has become increasingly repetitive. If it were not for human greed Communism would in theory almost be more democratic than our current system. The United States of America is in fact a hybrid capitalist Republic. We are listed on official Political world maps as” Republic of The United States of America”. Wealth bears only more wealth. Our system, like mentioned above, will never be sustainable. Aristotle wrote of Madison’s conundrum way before our time. Continued in death of democracy Part 2 next post


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