Holy Mother of Liberty: WTF Did Trump Jr. Get In To..

Over the past 5 days shit has hit the fan for Donald Trump Junior and Daddy Don Don. When called for a comment by another news agency, Junior was forced/asked, maybe, to release emails recounting or exposing details of a meeting in Russia with, Russian shadow political players. The meeting was allegedly to figure out how a Trump White House would deal with sanctions imposed on the Russians for transgressions in Crimea and/Ukraine. When the sanctions were imposed, Russia imposed a ban on American adoptions of Russian infants as retaliation. It was under this banner that Trump Jr. and company that the Trump team met with a Russian lawyer and possibly others to get damaging info on Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton. So when the adoption/sanction meeting happened,it was just cover to transfer damaging info to the Trump campaign. This Russian/Trump rabbit whole keeps getting deeper. There exists and always has been corruption in the US government. That being said,the Robert Hansons or lone wolf traitors of the various bureaucracies have always been tried as such. These traitors have always worked in the shadows,but Trump’s cult seem to be selling out overtly,in plain sight. Hell I don’t think Nixon was this ballsy with the Watergate fiasco. Meanwhile over at Care Bear CNN, headings claim conservatives are getting nervous about Trump’s White House. Republicans are also dealing with the doing away with ACA/Obamacare. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) even put off a late summer recess to work on destroying healthcare. Good Ole Bitch McConnell up there and his cohorts have been taking a beating at town halls back on home turf over healthcare. I live in Kentucky, never voted for Bitch,or liked him. He uses his sway in Washington to score his wife Elaine Chao jobs all over DC. She claims she got there herself,and she may have polished ole Mitch up for political life back in the day,but when all is said and done,it was for her benefit. So Bitch and his ole lady took “good ole boy” slap on the back Kentucky politics to D.C. I mean for fucks sake we have a FBI/DOJ hotline for corruption here in Kentucky for political good ole boy bullshit. You have to give it to Baby Don Don,he released those emails,which could be fake, to get in front of the storm. They could also be setting the media up though. Release some emails that look damning ,then when nothing comes of it,call it Fake Media/Fake News to support their position. Remember Donald Trump once posed as another person to lavish praise upon himself. The emails could be a ruse to distract the highly publicised failure of Republicans to pass an Obamacare replacement. Or maybe pass something that looks like healthcare but is really a death sentence for Americans. You have to remember it always comes down to Money. Rich people have it and want more of it. And 98% think the rich should share it.


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