Save the Net Big Monopoly wants is outrageous extremely capitalist control back. If net neutrality is rolled back proponents of the roll back will slow down all services,social media, music, movie and TV streaming that is not owned by them. It could also lead to censorship! If a company doesn’t support a particular view,the could use NSA techniques of keyword search to block a political position or humanitarian position. “No Shaun, they would never misuse technology” you say. BULLSHIT!! Blogs like this could disappear. Your Facebook could be slowed to a crawl,if a provider created it’s own social network,and they would, anything to amass wealth. Let’s not forget AT&T has a standing deal with the government to turn over anything the government wants on a user. Neflix and HULU, Crackle any other streaming service could become very expensive,if net neutrality is not saved. Like online gaming? It would be expensive too!. Charter AT&T and their cohorts would charge streaming/gaming/social media companies so much that you would not have a choice but to use their service. Then it would be back to crappy choices like you had with old cable and satellite with gigantic prices. Show your support for net neutrality here


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