The Battle For….Income Equality: ?

It seems only a few years back that we were fighting for income equality.. for everyone. Joining in the fight for men’s rights one of the biggest issues seems to be the equal pay argument  You will here this issue screamed by feminist across the board, then of course we respond back with a number of retorts:

  • Men and women choose different career paths
  • Women often on their own accord choose to take time off work to have children
  • Women choose to take on jobs that are not high paying in the beginning, that don’t offer much career advancement, child care, teaching, social work, art etc. These jobs are essential, but come with very little financial reward.
  • Men take higher risk positions or careers.


I find that what I have read and learned through interactions with the #mrm (men’s rights movement) various news articles ms-m and indie, is that feminist and by default women, only argue over the high paying careers and jobs in the western world. For example you don’t find feminist fighting over the deadly and dirty jobs (coal mining, trash collecting, steel working, and road construction.) Many of the people I have come across, men and women, MRAs, anti feminists (apparently they are very different things according to some, according to others they are the exact same thing) talk about what I call “the study”. This study is infamous, for the many flaws that it contains. The Study supposedly proves the wage gap. This study has been sighted in many tweets and post around the internet by name, I however have never seen it, even when provided with the link, because I’m lazy. With so many movements and causes around on the internet its hard to define one’s self within a movement. Most MRAs and antifems I have interacted with identify as conservatives, this is perhaps why we are automatically at odds with the liberal agenda that buys lock stock and barrel the feminist agenda. As we have suffered through waves of feminism men’s rights have slowly been stripped or ignored. I can’t tell you more than this. Chances are you know the rest of the nightmare. Trying to define myself in this movement has become difficult to say the least. My first concern is the distraction of any of the activist movements. I could sit here and debate BLM,MRM,WRM etc. In the end though it comes down to a bigger issue that may put me at odds with some of the MRAs I support. Income inequality. A few years ago under Obama’s administration, there was a lot of talk of unions and wealth gaps, all around income inequality. No race No Gender issues, it was hell for anyone who was not wealthy. In the MRM I have found a number of Trump supporters, I don’t like him. He is at odds with everything I believe. This puts me in the crosshairs of many, as will this post. Poor folks, blacks, women, immigrants and gun control. These are all issues that exist in the Democrat\Liberal sphere. I myself claim to be a moderate democrat, yet I can’t get behind all the bullshit they peddle to win votes. I like guns. I don’t think black people should be shot for being black. I don’t thinks gays should have no rights to marriage. Some social welfare programs need to exist until we get many problems under control, but abuse of the welfare programs must be stopped. The wealthy need to pay more taxes Take all the issues you see daily in the headlines and it comes to one issue to me, distraction. These issues have distracted use from the biggest problem in America, income equality for all. That may be the wrong phrase… the wealth gap fits better. It fits better because under ideal conditions, without wage stagnation, you can improve your income, by getting a better job or furthering education in your career. If you can control your own market value you can always improve. So what happened to the wealth gap conversation. I say the 1% and their media backers have successfully distract us with #metoo and #timesup #blm and my personal favorite… white male privilege. These distraction some supporting the feminist agenda, some not, #metoo is particularly disturbing due to it ruining the lives of so many men, without due process. Convicted by a jury of liberal radical feminists and their backers. These people have no recourse. The media will only convict these men, not absolve them when they fade in light of the latest #metoo victim… a man who was simply interested in a woman. That is for another post. So the question in all this I am trying to answer for myself is : Can a moderate democrat survive or participate in the MRM without destruction of his or her very inclusive views?

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Back In the Mud Again

After taking a long long break from blogging I am back to jump in the fray again. After a year of Trump’s reign I have noticed a disturbing trend. A reader must understand that all these things are from my point of view, your experience may differ. We have seen the #metoo and the #timesup campaign arise from the dark nether world of SJW. I myself have looked back on the Obama reign, the ascension of Donald Trump to the White House to find myself more in the middle than I have ever been. I have become interested in men’s rights, partially because of the revolutionary film “The Red Pill” by former self identified feminist Cassie Jaye. So I have been lending what support I can to that cause. We are indeed in the treacherous waters in the West and Around the world. If I can stay on point I hope to analyze and understand what my time away has taught me. I will explore, the 2016 election, men’s right movement feminism in the West currently, #metoo #timesup etc. We are going to mix it up. Big FUCKING DISCLAMIER : I am fluid, my beliefs are fluid. I often will make a point or state a belief and then do a 180, as I believe I should. The more we understand about something, the more we should evolve. I was semi racist as a white American teen in the south (at least I think I was), that changed in 2003. I might not have been racist, just politically incorrect. That is part of the problem these days, with PC you are never on solid ground I think. So let’s jump back in….

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The White House is a Leaky Faucet,and it Keeps Dripping People

The Mooch is out General John Kelly is on the field. The last week in the White House has been a shit storm. Spicer kicked out Tony “Tough”Scaramucci kicked after 11 days! Damn that is a short employment length. Who’s next? Sarah ” I use three name,because I want to remind people I am a politician’s kid,but married and conservative woman” Huckebee Sanders it could be Kellyann ” Conjob” Conway. The world is watching and the White House has become a 3 ring circus! Chaos in the ranks, is a weakness that can be exploited. I wasn’t around for it,but I don’t think Nixon’s White House had this much trouble. The White House has a job turn over rate worse than your local fast food joint. The only person of notable interest that is missing from the media shows is Dr. Ben Carson,who heads Housing And Urban development. I have heard black/African Americans refer to him as an “Oreo”. I think that is a racist word. It’s meaning and use when referring to Carson makes sense. “Oreo”: A person of color who is black,in this instance, but white on the inside,like the cookies. Some of the African American community believe that because of his life of privilege,he does not know what it is to be “black” in America. Ben Carson is a walking talking Cliff Huxtable,Bill Cosby’s character in the highly rated The Cosby Show. It seems stereotypical to put a black man aka Oreo in charge of a system that is supposedly relied upon black Americans mainly. I have heard some refer to him as the token black man,or affirmative action hire for the Trump administration. It is true that Trump’s cult seems a bit Caucasian heavy. It has been said that Trump’s win was a, “white revolt” against the advancement of immigrants and black people. As a white person I do not know what it is to be black. I will not apologize for being white. I do however think Trump’s win was based in race relations. He never officially denounced with a heavy hand that he was against the white supremacists being part of his base. He may have offered some little “I don’t like them” restitution,but in reality he never came down hard himself,maybe his media monkeys i.e. Kellyann Conjob did but not him. I do believe his “win” was do in part to racism. Yes the electoral college went against the popular vote and we ended up with The Donald. That just tells us that the college is as racist your local neo Nazis. We must consider a lot of factors including Russian assistance,race,class warfare, corporations, Clinton’s alienation of white working class and email scandal. All I know right now is,The USA has become a laughing stock, a shell of what we used to be. We were already slipping on the world stage, and Trump is a clown of the worst kind. If Mueller doesn’t get this investigation cleared up,we the 98% will suffer,it won’t be the wealthy elite. According to how this all plays out we could be on the cusp of a revolution,who will own that particular revolution has yet to be decided. More people than military, but we are all just trying to survive the electric bill,car repair,or rent/mortgage. We ALL may end up slaves.

Why you should care about the election in Venezuela.

Today is election day in Venezuela. The issue on the ballot: Power. Maduro is trying to throw away that country’s Constitution. The people if Venezuela have been deprived of essential goods and services for the past few years. Inflation is sky high so high in fact,that it is only comparable to Post WW1 Germany. Inflation has risen due to a post oil glut of the past few years. Defying protest bans the people of Venezuela have took to the streets to protest Maduro’s consolidation of power. In recent years Maduro has had to replace Supreme Court judges of Venezuela with loyalist to his own party. He has done this avoid impeachment by the ruling party, his opponents. The Venezuelans have been dealing with inflation, lack of basic goods, services, and a failing infrastructure. You should be concerned about this election because the Republic of the United States of America imports a lot of oil from Venezuela. Oil has been the backbone of the country economy for many years. President Donald Trump is preparing sanctions against Venezuela to stop Maduro’s consolidation of power into a dictatorship. Today’s vote is made to do away with that country’s elected leaders so that Madero may stock the Congress/Parliament with loyalist. This is seen as a move to prevent his own demise. Regardless of election results no doubt he will, in fact consolidate power. In other words the election will be rigged. We should watch because if more sanctions are imposed,this will raise gas prices in the US. This however does not,as always effect the power elite of the United States government and wealthy elite. This is just one more case of the Shadow Government’s not caring how a majority of Americans are affected. They wealthy and government will make money on this some how. As I have said before,Donald Trump as much as I don’t like him,is an end result of continuous degradation of Democracy. You, yes you refuse to band with your people,working Americans, slaves of capitalism, to fight. You continue to worry about,the next iPhone or when Star Wars or Game of Thrones premier. So because of your failure,self interest,and allowing propoganda widen divisions, you should go spend what little you have on filling up your gas tanks,of gas guzzling SUVs ATVs and boats. By all means protect your lifestyle of liesure.More at Washington Post

Trumps laid low/ Back in the USSR

Short post. More of a statement without to much analysis. It’s made in America week in DC and who should disappear like a fart in the wind. Ivanka Trump. The heiress to Trumps kingdom,cause let’s face it Junior fucked up,has been off the radar for the spotlight on American Manufacturing. This is most likely because her father touted Make America Great Again,by bringing manufacturing job back to the States, but the brands bearing her name are made in overseas countries. This was actually brought up this week and was brushed off. Someone said that it was in the spirit of capitalism that the goods are manufactured overseas because American companies do not have capacity or production base for these goods. Well that’s bullshit. There are tons of manufacturing plants already here that could manufacture the goods with one slight difference. If manufactured here, it would cut in to Ivanka’s profits. Over here people would be paid a higher wage versus a nominal wage and labor rights abuses. So Fuck you Ivanka,let Daddy stick the dick in again! 

Meanwhile, The Russian rabbit hole is getting fucking deeper by the minute. Mueller needs to step up. Diplomatic relations is how we have always dealt with the Russians. Never in America’s time have we asked any other country’s help electing a president. We have a few private business relationships,that are mutually beneficial with the Russians,that is it. Now Trump is in the White House giving Putin a blow job. Donald Trump is a traitor. Pure and simple,like all the wealthy elite ruling class. He needs to be impeached. If you don’t believe he is a traitor,you need to get your head out of your ass and put down the meth pipe.

Death if Democracy: Life Six Foot Under.

So read the previous post first. With the corporate interests and wealthy in control what is the 98% going to do? Well let me spell it out in simple terms first:

  1. Private Money and corporate interests buy politicans
  2. Those politicans make policies that benefit those buyers
  3. Politicans get rich!
  4. Democracy is reduced.

You’re fucked! The idea is to keep you so distracted that you don’t notice the kansas city shuffle .  This puts most people in a new position that Chomsky refers to as a “precariot”. This is your average citizen that is increasingly precarious position. Republicans on one side Democrats on the other. Split by race,class, gender, political beliefs. Then you have what my mother referred to as keeping up with the Jones’. This is a byproduct of a consumer driven economy. I’m not saying that I don’t like material things. Everybody does! Because it has been driven in to our heads since we were children. A standard is set by the upper class, eventually it filters down to the middle class and finally to the poor. It’s interesting how some of the middle and upper middle classes refuse to believe they are part of the 98%. Your friend has a new car,so you want one kind of thing. Advertising tell us that if we don’t have this or that, you are an unperson. That your opinion is of no value. This creates yet another divide. All the while, the wealthy keep getting wealthy. After all these people have money and a new car and boat, so their opinion is of some value. So that opinion is expressed in dollars,thus they influence policy that benefit them. Those policies are,but not limited to, deregulation,tax law, criminal law, foreign policy etc. A person can do more time in jail for robbery than murder rape or child abuse. Why is that? Because taking money effects the bottom line profits. Red Reddington’s Cabal from the Blacklist is real! It is not a complete fiction. More often than not it is just the wealthy and politicans taking advantage of the circumstances though. Do they incite wars and order deaths of people? Maybe. A shadow government exists. Money. Republicans want less, a smaller government. Why? Well a lot of rich people minus Hollywood tend to be Republican. They can’t sell it to the masses unless they back some common poor persons interest. So they campaign on God, guns,and glory of ‘Merica. Lower taxes as a bait to small business owners. This is to reinforce the beliefs that they,the small business owners can be rich too! Deregulation allows them to do anything and everything for profit. God allows them to shore up a republican base that does not like a changing world. Pro gun legislation allows them to reinforce the illusion that if the government gets out of control their voters can stop it. Smaller government to Republicans means less oversight so  money can run amuck. Democrats campaign on equal rights, socioeconomic fairness,gay rights, women’s rights,gun control laws, social security, etc. Hell it’s right there in the name Democrat democracy “demo” the Dems believe that a government that is true to it’s prefix can and will be effective. Bad news, It can’t… Someone always gets greedy,that is why Communism doesn’t work. It’s all a vicious cycle. Our rights to destroy a system that doesn’t work has also been removed. Everything we can legally do to stop an out of control government,does not work. Voting does not work on a federal level. You could vote a new Congress person in next week, he’d be no use. Laws stop him from helping you, since he can’t help you he sells out. Everybody bitchin’ about Trump,he is nothing but an end result. A know nothing business guy from NYC,is the president. There exists people way more wealthy than him that run this country. Pure and simple. Yes he does need to be impeached. That will not help. It would just make a lot of people feel better.

Death of Democracy P3 : Attack on Solidarity, It’s the American Way.

We talked in the last post about how Aristotle thought the only way a democracy could survive was through having a welfare state. We discussed some of what is just a miniscule amount of what most people consider welfare. In the last post I talked about the SNAP or otherwise known as food stamp programs. Things people are taught to despise. I also talked about income based housing. A good majority of Americans believe in the myth that you can buy alcohol with SNAP benefits. Why do they believe this? They believe this myth because politicians and the media have turned food stamp programs into a political football. Johnny Congressperson, says to you,” here is Shane Foodstamp receiver,he doesn’t work,sits on his ass all day and instead of feeding his family,he takes the money that working Americans provides him with,and buys cases of Colt 45 and cigarettes.” This myth is well known and has been perpetuated for decades. Here is a startling fact, THAT MYTH is a LIE. SNAP benefits can not be used for alcohol or tobacco. Have people bought these things with it,yes,but how? GREED. If a store clerk rings up alcohol or tobacco,the benefits will not pay for it. It needs a manger override or cashier’s override. Most mangers will NOT do this! Now you get in to urban cities where the corner store is owned by 1 or 2 guys,those owners are more than happy to do this. So the GREED of the business class is really the only thing fuckin’ uncle Sam in the ass with this one myth. In my town,we are kind of spread out,we don’t have many independent grocery stores. So another complaint you here a lot,” these food stamp people have two carts loaded down with junk food” Stop right there mother fucker. Let us do some analysis pimp. Do you know what makes you feel hungry? The hungry feeling stems from a number of factors. Let’s just stick to the basics you idiot. When you have NO calories in your body,you have NO energy. This lack of energy and electrolytes leads to a feeling of HUNGER, imagine that. You then decide to eat. Now you’re rolling with the food stamps (grub stubs) but your broke ass is poor, living in the projects,with very little gas in your ride (car). Most poor people are,”working poor” means they got a job but it don’t pay dick. Food stamps don’t buy booze,cigs, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, medication, toothpaste,tooth brushes,soap, laundry detergent, shampoo etc. So very little gas,gotta wipe your ass and brush your grill (teeth). What’s a person to do. Well first off Food stamps come once a month. Because you have very little gas you gotta get everything in one trip,if you want to make it to work next week. So you go to your local Walmart (they buy in bulk) so shits cheaper! You gotta feed your family of three for a month,and you need max calories for minimum dollars. After all those grub stubs ain’t unlimited. Junk food is cheap and packed with calories. So you buy as much as you can at one time with what “stubs” and gas you got. This leads to “working Americans” who can’t get in this program to dislike food stamp recipients. John Congressperson done put it in your head that you should hate these people because they are getting a “free ride”.  Some of these people can’t work disabled physically and mentally. Is there abuse in the food stamp system, sure. Some work for cash and don’t pay taxes. Some are drug dealers. The problems are there,but no where near what politicians make it out to be. Anything can and will be abused. It is drilled in to most people’s head that anyone who is in a government program should not have any joy or pleasure in their life. They should just live in poverty and do NOTHING but toil and spin and pay back their debt. And when it comes to the middle classes,these fuckers, aren’t even paying back their debts. They buy houses and boats,and ATVs get into enormous amounts of debt, and then look down on people “lower than them” then bitch about how they can’t get into these welfare programs. All this brings me to my next point “Attack on Solidarity”. The “masters” of this country i.e. wealthy ruling elite and currupt government. They need you to hate these people on “welfare” They need to you to envy the middle class if you’re poor,they need the middle class to hate poor, they need the middle class to envy the rich people. Racism is needed,black must hate white and everybody must hate immigrants. The seeds of destruction must be sowed. This leads to a break down of Solidarity. Without that Solidarity,the rich can stay rich and the government can keep going. Money must buy politicians,so politicians can continue to make laws that reduce democracy and concentrate wealth into the hands of corporate interests and private persons. Meanwhile the 98% is down here struggling. Because as Madison argued,the opulent minority must be protected from the majority. If we didn’t have “political” issues, abortion taxes, welfare, healthcare, etc. We would get together and be like “what the fuck”. We would indeed take from the wealthy and distribute evenly. One person can make a bad decision for a bunch of people. A bunch of people,a majority of people, could and would make good decisions for a majority of people. This is the idea behind democracy,and it would have been a good idea. But money and the ruling elite ,the government,the Masters of the country, the opulent, and wealthy politicians run America. Their only plan is to keep you in your place,by reduction in Democracy and destruction of Solidarity. These sound like hippie ideas,in a way the hippies were correct. Civil rights took a big step in the 60s. It helped more than just black people. Before then the average person never really thought much about Civil rights. they thought about labor rights,if they were a union members and every now and then a protest would pop up here or there. The exercising of those were rights didn’t really happen much though. So what do we do,well we do nothing. Consumerism, I’m guilty,controls us all.

Death Of Democracy Part 2: May It Rest in Pieces

Read Part 1 ….. Aristotle argued that one way,If I understand it correctly, that one way forward in a true democracy was what is commonly referred to as a “welfare” state. With the redistribution of wealth,you would be able to create a more equal and stable democracy. Let’s take a look at that word “welfare”. In these times that word has carried a lot of negative connotation. Most associate that word with a group of people who refuse to work,use drugs. Those are the only two associations that I could come up with at one time. Why could I only come up with those two associations? Because it has been drummed in to our heads,by both sides of the political asile. What falls under that welfare banner? Well one thing that is welfare,is the SNAP benefits otherwise known as food stamps. The original program was started after the Great Depression, it’s start date means it was probably a hedge measure and part of a the “New Deal”.  Another program that falls understand “welfare” is income based housing. Income based housing, for those who don’t know what it is… Income based housing is loosely defined as housing built by a private company or as a government project where applicants must fit a certain income criteria. The housing is then subsidized by a government agency. In this equation let’s say fair market value for a dwelling is 500$, tenants who meet income and other requirements makes 1000$ dollars a month. The government assumes that the average working American pays out 1/3 of their gross income for housing. Our tenants making one thousand dollars a month must pay 333.33$ or one third of their income as rent. Often times Electric, water, heating, costs are given a deduction which sets the rent lower. Say electric in that area costs 150$. Tenants still are responsible for that full bill,but programs give a 75$ credit, meaning that rent gets lowered by a certain precentage or dollar amount. If a housing complex has government money backing it then it is considered a “project”. “Projects” are even more complicated,but rents are still about the same. All these projects and income based housing are more often than not administrated by the US Department Of Housing and Urban development. These places really step on the rights of citizens. As of 2017,no smoking,no pets unless they are considered therapy pets,vouched for by a doctor. No more than two automobiles, no friends or family longer than seven days in a month, managers inspect every month, supposedly to make sure everything is working correctly and up to code. In reality they are looking for destruction of property and to see if tenants are trashing the place. For more on income based housing just search for “income based housing” without quotes. I told you but will tell you again for first-time readers. I told you I can lead you to the light but didn’t say it wasn’t going to be some work. But all this leads to our next point. Reduction in Democracy and Solidarity. Part 3 on the way….

United States Democracy: Pronounced Dead on July 14,2017.Was it ever born?

So exactly when did democracy die? Well to understand democracy,You must first understand that it was never born. In a true democracy there would be equality for all. James Madison argued that the opulent minority which means rich people should be protected against the labourers or poor people of this country. The true democracy was never born. Madison knew that in the future wealth would be concentrated into the hands of a few and in a democracy the majority or what we call the 98% would take the wealth of the rich to spread among themselves. In a true democracy inequality is non-existent. This is the true meaning of the quote “the rights of the majority should never infringe upon the rights of the minority”. When politicians bitch about people trying to change the Constitution this is exactly what they hope to avoid. If citizens were able to change the Constitution it would make for a more even democracy. At one time the majority of working Americans held the power. This is mainly during the golden age of unions. Unions acted as a barrier against corporate tyranny. With the decrease in unions there was a substantial loss of power by the common worker. During the Golden Age of unions even the poorest of people black or white had upward mobility. In those times the Common Man if he worked hard enough could buy a home,put his kids through school and retire. As Unions fell corporate, profits soared. With corporate profits increasing the concentration of wealth was left in the hands of a fewer people.With that concentration of wealth you have deregulation, loss of workers rights and money falling into the hands of politicians. With this money in the hands of politicians increasingly corporations and wealthy people have more control in the government. Most people generically believe that government is about protecting our freedoms through use of military force. Have you ever sat down and asked yourself what is the true purpose of the United States government? Most will answer by saying that they make laws and protect our people and interest. What exactly is our interest? By default our interest should be freedom and democracy. More often than not it turns out to be money. The two terms freedom and democracy are not synonymous. There exist a small group of people made up of wealthy politicians, wealthy private citizens and corporate interest that want a reduction in democracy. Big money backs the government so that the government creates laws that insure more concentration of wealth. This cycle has become increasingly repetitive. If it were not for human greed Communism would in theory almost be more democratic than our current system. The United States of America is in fact a hybrid capitalist Republic. We are listed on official Political world maps as” Republic of The United States of America”. Wealth bears only more wealth. Our system, like mentioned above, will never be sustainable. Aristotle wrote of Madison’s conundrum way before our time. Continued in death of democracy Part 2 next post

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